Thir Ghar Baeso Har Jan Pyarae … Raag Gauri

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page: 201

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Sung in Raag Gauri: Taal: 8 Beats.
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Shabad Interpretation in English:

O beloved servant of the Lord, remain steady in your own self. The True Guru shall take care of all your affairs. Waheguru defeats the wicked and evil. The Creator preserves the honor of His servants. The kings and emperors are all under his power. His sewaks remain deeply engrossed in the sublime essence of Ambrosial Naam. Meditate fearlessly on the Lord God. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, this gift is given. Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of God, who knows everything, he grasps the Support of Waheguru, his Lord and Master.

 Shabad Veyakheya in Punjabi:
 Shabad Interpretation in Hindi:हे भगत जन, अपने मन में  पूरण निश्चाय रखो कि सचा गुरु तुम्हारे सभी कारज संवार देगा. परमात्मा दुष्टों और मुश्किलों से बचाव करता हे. सृष्टि के कर्ता अपने भगत जनो की इज़त रखता है. जो मनुष प्रभु के अमृत रस मे मस्त रहते हैं, बादशाह और   सम्राट भी उनके अस्तित्व को सवीकार करते हैं. हे प्राणी, निर्भय हो कर भगवन की भजन बंदगी कर और इस को साध-जानो की सांगत में मिल कर बाँट. हे नानक, प्रभु के दर पे अरदास कर, कि हे अंतरजामी मेरे स्वामी मैं तेरी शरण आया हूँ मुझे अपना आसरा दे.

Shabads in other forms of Raag Gauri :

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23 Responses to Thir Ghar Baeso Har Jan Pyarae … Raag Gauri

  1. Gurmit says:

    If all you do in life is listen and take advice from this beautiful shabad, really take this advice not just listen, then you have faith that everything will work out in the end. Have faith, that the Lord will sort out all your affairs. Just remain steady in your own home, within yourself, you do not need to go running around doing this and that, scheming and planning, when the time comes, when you are ready, the Lord will sort out your affairs.

    Grasp the Nam and mediate on Waheguru, and remain steady oh beloved devotee. That is all the Lord is asking of you, remain steady, do not waiver, all the world is wavering, be calm, there is really no need to be afraid, the Lord will look after you in this life and the next. Why should you be afraid, when you have the Lord and the Nam as your support.

    Sometimes, I falter too, and then I see this shabad which is printed in my kitchen, and then I realise how useless it is, to not have faith, whatever your fickle mind things is not true, you do not know the bigger picture which the Lord has placed you in. Remain steady my friend always and have faith in the Lord, let go… you do not need to worry.

    Apologises for any mistakes in my understanding.

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