Ulahano Mai Kahu Na Deeoo … Raag Nat Narayan

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page: 978

Commentary on this Shabad

Shabad Video: 

Shabad sung in Raag Nat Narayan;Taal: Rudra

More on Raag Nat Narayan

Shabad Audio: Ulahano Mai Kahu Na Deeoo … Raag Nat Narayan 

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Shabad Interpretation in English:

I don’t blame anyone else. Whatever You do is sweet to my mind. Understanding and obeying Your Order, I have found peace; hearing, listening to Your Name, I live. Here and hereafter, O Waheguru, You and only You. The Guru has implanted this Mantra within me. Since I came to realize this, I have been blessed with total peace and pleasure. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, this has been revealed to Nanak, and now, there is no other for him at all.

Shabad Interpretation in Hindi:

मैं किसी और को दोष नहीं देता। तुम जो भी करते हो मेरे मन को पसंद है। तुम्हारी आज्ञा को समझ और उसे पालन कर मुझे सुख की प्राप्ती हुई है और तुम्हारे नाम को सुन सुन कर मुझे शांति मिली। मेरे गुरु ने मुझे यह मंत्र सिखलाया है कि परमात्मा तुम हर जगह व्यापक हो, और जब से मुझे यह बात समझ आ गई है मुझे पुरण रूप से आनंद और शान्ती अनुभव हो रही है। साध जानो की संगती मे नानक को यह ज्ञान प्राप्त हुआ है, अब बाकी सभ कुछ व्यर्थ ही है।

Shabad Veyakheya in Punjabi:

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7 Responses to Ulahano Mai Kahu Na Deeoo … Raag Nat Narayan

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  2. what a wonderful and melodious gift on the eve of new year. Thaaaanks.

  3. Rajindar Kaur says:

    Gur Fateh

    what a beautiful nirmolak heera from Guru Garanth Sahib. It is a wonderful bandish sung in melodious voices. As before my thanks for giving us this shabad.

  4. Thanks Swarnjit ji & Rajinder ji for the appreciation. Just would like to add something unique in this shabad singing. This shabad has been sung in Rudra Taal which is a taal for Dhrupad style and the singing style is in Khayal shaylee.

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  6. As per your tradition this also is excellently sung. I and my family enjoyed very much. Wish you and all the members of Gurmat Gian Group a very Happy New Year and hope the New Year bring all the best and Waheguru Ji keep you all Healthy.
    Guru Fateh from all the Kalsi family

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