About Gurmat Gian Group

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We are the Gurmat Gian Group.

We are comprised of  young Sikh women musicians and our prime purpose is to sing Gurbani.

We share among many things a common last name that is “Kaur”. Kaur if you would know means The Princess and The Lioness. We got this name because we are daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji. Him being the King and the Lead Lion.

Gurmat Gian Group which in itself means somewhat like The Gurbani Philosophical Knowledge Sharing Group. And we wish to share with everyone the Wonder of Gurbani Kirtan.

This Group is conducted by Gurpreet Kaur. She is the main force behind all the compositions and training the other members. Keerat Kaur too has composed many tunes. Members of the group keep changing.

Gurpreet Kaur and Keerat  Kaur being permanent singers in this group. At present this group consists of two women singers.



Gurpreet Kaur who happened to be the sole power behind the Gurmat Gian Group left this world after completing her journey of this life as destined by the Almighty. She was diagnosed with a Brian Tumour in the month of April 2015 for which she under when treatment and as Waheguru ji desired she left this world on 12th Sept 2016. She breathed last at Baltimore USA.


1. Gurpreet KaurGurpreet Kaur is the conductor of this group. She teaches Gurbani Keertan/Sangeet to students of all ages. She is incharge of Gurmat Sangeet wing of Gurmat Gian Missionary College Ludhiana.  Currently, she is based in Raikot, Ludhiana, Punjab.Contact: Email: gurpreetkaurmail@gmail.comc/o Dr. Manbir Singh. Cell: +91 9888 888 3932.

Keerat KaurKeerat Kaur is an important member of the group. She besides being an esteemed musician is  a Computer Engineer. She is presently based in Atlanta, U.S.Contact: Email: keeratk@gmail.comSome other Musicians who are important contributers in our recordings.

Sonu Khanna, Director Music InstrumentsSandeep Singh, Dilruba PlayerParamjot Singh, Tabla Player. (of the Guinness Book of World Records of marathon tabla playing).Swaran, the Sound Recordist. He makes our singing sound better.Jaganpreet Singh, Tabla Player.

————————Contact Info for Gurmat Gian Group:singhmanbir@gmail.com Dr. Manbir Singh  Cell:  +91 9888 888 393singhmanbir@gmail.comGurkeerat Hospital, Ludhiana Road, RAIKOT, Ludhiana. 141 109.  Punjab. INDIADr. Manbir Singh is a doctor by profession besides being web administrator and moderator of our various blogs and other services atyoutube: http://www.youtube.com/user/manbironline/soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/singhmanbir/Websites:https://gurmatgiangroup.wordpress.com/http://gurmatgiangroup.blogspot.com/

Rana Inderjit Singh, Chairman Gurmat Gian Missionary Trust, Ludhiana

Rana Inderjit Singh Cell: +91 9814635655ranais40@gmail.comHe is the chairman of the Gurmat Gian Missionary College, Ludhiana.Gurmat Gian Missionary College, Ludhiana.Punjabi Bagh, Jawaddi, Ludhiana. 141 013. Punjab. INDIA+91 161- 2521700, 5004081, Fax: 161-2521700gurmatgian@rediffmail.comWe are highly thankful to all those who keep giving us useful suggestions in relation to Gurbani, translations and various aspects of this Blog including layout and other helpful guidelines.Feel free to contact us about any feedback, suggestion etc.Anything you think we should/must know. Anything you feel like telling us.Just anything….Use our contact form for this purpose or contact at any of the above addresses. Contact Form.
Gurmat Gian Group: An Interview With One Of Its MembersGurmat Gian Group: An All Sikh Women’s Gurmat Sangeet Grouphttp://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Gurmat_Gian_Group

52 Responses to About Gurmat Gian Group

  1. This is a truly commendable seva on the part of your Group.
    The singing is melodious and we wish you all the best for the future.
    Our prayers and blessing are with you and we, on behalf
    of Bhai Jasbir Singh Khalsa Khanne Wale, look forward to
    your continuing growth and popularity.

  2. sarjitsinghkhalsa says:

    look at what we have good things that come from gods kingdom but we lost our khalsa raj due to disguise thiefs who are robing our good things because we dont have our own country to catch them khalsa raj coming back then we will have sikh fbi to catch them now days you cannot hide your self what you doing thank you

  3. Rajinder Kaur says:

    Bhanji Gurpreet Kaur Ji, Keerat Kaur Ji and Japjit Kaur Ji,

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji Ki Fateh

    What a mesmerizing Gurbani Kirtan!!! I don’t have any words to express myself after listening to this Kirtan in your beautiful voices. Waheguru ji has granted you marvellous voices. Keep it up!!! May Waheguru ji shower all His choicest blessings upon you and and your Jatha and you always keep doing the Sewa of longing souls through Gurbani Kirtan.

    With best wishes and regards,

    Rajinder Kaur from Canada

  4. Tajinder Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Unbelievable…inspiring…exceptional…melodious….beautiful… charming…. soothing……mind blowing…beyond limits….. Guru Sahib ji’s Gurbani sung by beautiful Gursikh Bibian who have talent and have the courage to do Gurbani parchar through this great media. Panjis, I am totally inspired by the beautiful Keertan that you have put up on the website. I would love to have audio recordings of these shabads. Is it possible for you to put up those online?

    May Guru sahib ji bless you with more keertan and beautiful voices so you keep doing seva of the panth in this form. I really really love all of the keertan videos that you have put up. I just do ardas in Guru sahib jis charn for meeting you in person and Guru sahib ji gives you all the success in the world.

    Bhul chuk di khima,

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!!

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Gurfateh Tejinder Kaur ji

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation and all the encouraging words. As for audio recordings being available online, it may be possible in near future. We’ll inform you when its possible.

      Gurpreet Kaur

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Gurfateh Tejinder Kaur Ji

      I would like to inform you that Audio recordings of all the Shabad Videos have been put up in the Blog of Gurmat Gian Group. Below every video a link for audio file has been given. You may use this link to hear or download the Shabad.
      Hope you feel Guru’s Bliss and enjoy Guru’s Bani.

      With regards and love,

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

      Gurpreet Kaur

  5. sarjitsinghkhalsa says:

    guru ji told us dont forget deg teg fateh have goodorganic food and always keep your weapons we have forgotten thats why we face all problems we must get our khalsa raj back

  6. sarjitsinghkhalsa says:

    doing guruji thime a lot of good sikhs used to give donation to musants to give to guru ji but that donations got stolen and never rich guru ji so those sikhs ask guru ji we gave these and that did thatcame to you guru ji said no so guru start to invested gate and he caught them and burnt them in oil same thing is going on now in sgpc these goverment agents and many gurdwaras my dear brothers and sisters just keep and eye on them khalsa raj will be coming soon then we will catch them and make them do all the dirty work

    • sarjitsinghkhalsa says:

      wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh please rember these three very high level words given by guru ji deg teg fateh if you dont eatgood food you cannot lift a weopan without weopan you cannot get back your khalsa raj

  7. sarjitsinghkhalsa says:

    doing guruji time a lot of good sikhs used to give donation to musants to give to guru ji but that donations got stolen and never rich guru ji so those sikhs ask guru ji we gave these and that did thatcame to you guru ji said no so guru start to invested gate and he caught them and burnt them in oil same thing is going on now in sgpc these goverment agents and many gurdwaras my dear brothers and sisters just keep and eye on them khalsa raj will be coming soon then we will catch them and make them do all the dirty work

  8. Prabhjot kaur says:

    Dear Bhenji
    its keerat’s mummy here. i thank you for giving my dear daughter such a beautiful gift reciting keertan. i pray to agod to bless you with more kirtan , guru da love nd gursikhi jiwan for the whole of the family.
    prabhjot Kaur

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Dear Bhain ji

      Thanks for the nice words. We all thank Waheguru for making us sing His Praise and in the process getting appreciation from people like you.


      Gurpreet Kaur

  9. Gurbux Singh says:

    I am short of words to express my wonderful feelings for the commendable job you are doing . I was simly lost while listening the shabads.I pray to Wahegur that this job which HE has entrusted you should continue without any dilution. I think the mode of presentation should remain as it is . I would love to talk to the concearned person and discuss on phone or in peerson.


    Gurbux Singh

  10. Harcharan Singh says:

    Dear sisters, Sat Sri Akal,
    Congratulations! Well Done! Tears came into my eyes when I heard your singing in ‘Mohan Khar Avhuh…’
    Hail Bani, our guru, God and his humble Sikhs.
    I have some humble suggestions justt in case:
    1. Try to reach a wider, non Sikh, world wide audience. They don’t know much about Sikhi,, so customise your information to their needs. That way more people will be drawn to the beauty of Sikhi.
    2. Add information on Raag covered, who taught it to your etc, the shabad, the explanation the main idea etc. But do get an expert to explain the meaning in English. Mention the taal too and also have pictures of your whole jatha sitting, the drummers too and how and why you came up with this blog.
    3. Have the shabad in gurmukhi,followed by the Romanised version and than the translation-all these in one set.

    If you like I can help.
    Harcharan Singh
    41 years old English Language teacher from Singapore.

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Gur Fath Harcharan Singh Ji
      Thanks for liking the Gurbani Kirtan. We would certainly welcome any help that you can extend. At present we are depending on the SikhiToThe Max for all the English translations for the Shabads. We do feel the need of some different translations.
      Regarding the music compositions, this is done by myself and I train the other members of the group. Some of the Shabads have been composed by Keerat Kaur. We came up with this Blog so as to make the World our Sangat and distribute the Bliss of Gurbani to everyone.

  11. sarjitsinghsandhu says:

    dear sisters when we are given amrit by the five piaras they put amrit in your head and in your eyes so that we will bee more inteligent and see further rember without khalsa raj and weopans you wii always bee in trobule first our food is been posion today and we trown our weopans we will always be trobule looh at other countrys

  12. dear sisters my wish you do kirtan on every highest stages of our community

  13. waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

    dear sisters
    my wish you do kirtan on every highest stages of our community


    dear sisters

    please visit

  15. Dalip Singh says:

    Thanks for putting my name on your mailing list. I do not seem to have received such material earlier, which I hope I shall be receiving on a regular basis. I wish the Group well in their endeavour to spread Gurbani through the medium of music.

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Dont know how you missed earlier mails. We have your mail id in our mailing list. Thanks for visiting this site. Do recommend your near and dear ones and your friends this site and distribute Gurbani’s Bliss to others.

  16. Dalip Singh says:

    Thanks for including my name on your mailing list. I do not seem to have received such material earlier, which I hope I shall be receiving on a regular basis. I wish the Group well in their endeavour to spread Gurbani through the medium of music.

  17. Davinder singh says:

    Sat sri akal
    Kirtan Nirmolak Heera
    Your website is very Good and all the Shabad sung by everybody very good i am from Bahrain

  18. Amrik Singh says:

    May Waheguru keep his merciful hand over you all bless you with continued good health, happiness and sewa,

  19. ajeet singh says:

    DGNTN/7/2010 15 APR 2010
    I trust you all beloveds of SAT GURU NANAK JI
    are deeply enjoying THE INFINITE LEVEL OF BLISS
    OF NAAM.
    While in army service GURU GRANTH SAHIB got pleased with me in the year 1978 , during rainy
    season & HE asked me to ask for a boon . I
    asked for KNOWLEDGE OF ENGLISH to spread the
    POWERS OF LOVE of GURBANI. Though I was blessed
    but I did not know HOW TO GO ABOUT IT in my
    society . The lesson learnt is that learn the art
    of deciphering the difference between GURMUKH &
    MANMUKH . This is an art , one must learn &
    develope so as to avoid the hurdles created by
    MANMUKHS . For details do not hesitate to ask .

    barometer to see the LEVEL OF BLISS OF NAAM ,
    enjoyed by the GURU KA KIRTANIA ( KHALSA IS ALL
    POWER OF SIMRAN OF AMRIT VELA makes all the difference in the impact on the listener’s
    GURU GOBIND SINGH JI MASHARAJ is so kind on his
    KHALSA SON (learner) that one can converse with
    him , during AMRIT VELA .
    The trouble is presently KHALSA is ruled by
    ignorant/egoistic/illitrate/duplicate ones & can
    not appreciate the progress of the new upcoming
    beloveds of YOUR LEVEL.
    But one thing is clear that YOUR HAND will always be held by your beloved DAD , i mean,
    Imagine I could not succeed to provide 24 hrs
    power supply to the city of GOLDEN TEMPLE &
    overcome pollution ( Loan from USA CO. of RS eight BILLION for 29 years ) of generators , 10 years ago .

    Khalsa Rule will come but MAHA PURUKHS have
    already forcast that we have to wait for
    2000 years , it will be of rule of LOVE
    of GURU JI . It is then that KHALSA will bless
    the moon ,son of THE SEA , to alter its speed
    & it will be BLUE MOON LIGHT every night . Your
    effort appears to be making a STRONG BEGINNING
    in that direction ,since YOUR BLISS LEVEL is
    higher than that of CHARDI KALA JATHA of
    one day contact you in this regard . I will
    speak to her soon .
    with best wishes
    ajeet singh

  20. GOOD……….NO… V. GOOD ………….NO….V.V.GOOD………….NO…………V.V.V.GOOD………………………………….. NO………..DIS IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO COMMENT D WORTH OF dis BLOG. THANKS THE FULL TEAM- narinder pal singh khurana, m/s khuranaz nps gallery,main road brs nagar,ludhiana

  21. satnam singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa … waheguru ji ki fateh … dear sister’s … how many album’s you are done already … let me know … plzz … i wanna get those all alubam’s ….

  22. satnam singh says:

    hanji waheguru jee … sure … but i am in usa … so you can send me here to … or just in india …



  24. Satnam Singh says:

    Being a singer, composer myself in Hindustani Sangeet, I can say that 3 ladies
    have a melodious and soothing voice specially in the harmony as a group singing in a classical style. Much much better than many professional ragis.
    Really a huge service in the field of Sangeet and Gurbani. Its a great uplift in sprituality for the themselves and for all others. I have been impressed a lot as all the family memebers are involved. ” BAHUT HI BHAGYASHALI PARIVAAR ”
    I wish I could also do this SEVA but being alone myself here in this art there is no possibility. Akaal Purukh may bless this family.
    Satnam Singh ( Denmark )



  26. Truly melodious and beautiful videos. Have downloaded lots of them, but still a long list to go. Wonderful collection. Proud to be in the family. Keep it up!

    • kartar singh khalsa says:

      waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh,bro frm were can i download kirtan of this group?any web link?

      • Gurpreet Kaur says:

        To download the shabads, there is a link in the Audio player situated under the video player. Some shabads pages also have links for download.

  27. Sarwan Singh says:

    Impossible to describe in words the sense of peace & tranquility one feels while listening to any shabd sung by Gurmat Gyan Group. You really feel transported to another world. God bless all members of this group so that they can create many more shabds.

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Thanks for Enjoying the Bliss of Gurbani. And we feel privileged for being part of the process.
      Thank you Waheguru ji.

  28. kartar singh khalsa says:

    waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh,its very nice to see such large progress from ur group,all i want to ask u that do anyone one or at any age group people can learn kirtan by ur organisation ?coz i want to learn kirtan but only with old instruments not with harmonium,so does anyone knw any institution or individual for this? I m waitin 4 reply, waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Gur Fateh Kartar Singh ji,
      I do take Gurbni Kirtan Classes one a week at Gurmat Gian Missionary College, Jawaddi, where students of all ages learn Kirtan in classical style. For me, learning Gurbani Kirtan needs vocal training and instruments have only a minor secondary role. Learning Singing & learning Instruments are two different things. For those who have interest in doing Kirtan should not wasting their energy in learning a totally new instrument. I feel Its like riding two boats simultaneously. For students of Vocal Music, there is a need to take help of ‘sur’ and that may be from any instrument, be it taanpura, harmonium or any other. And harmonium is the easiest of all. Once a person has mastered his sur for him it become very easy to start on any new instrument anytime.

  29. Pradeep Dhiman says:

    Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Fateh
    Dear Sisters for you, I can only pray ” Bhalo Bhalo Ray Kiratneaa Ram Rama Rama Gun Gao ”
    Could you Please Please sing this Guru Teg Bahudar Ji shabad on in ur upcoming next CDs.

    Guru Tegh Bahudar Ji ‘s Shabad :
    जो नर दुख में दुख नहिं मानै । सुख सनेह अरु भय नहिं जाके, कंचन माटी जानै ।।
    नहिं निंदा नहिं अस्तुति जाके, लोभ-मोह अभिमाना । हरष शोक तें रहै नियारो, नाहिं मान-अपमाना ।।
    आसा मनसा सकल त्यागि के, जग तें रहै निरासा । काम, क्रोध जेहि परसे नाहीं, तेहि घट ब्रह्म निवासा ।।
    गुरु किरपा जेहि नर पै कीन्हीं, तिन्ह यह जुगुति पिछानी । नानक लीन भयो गोबिंद सों, ज्यों पानी सों पानी ।।

    & Thanks for singing divine gurbani such beautiful way that sangat will cherish lifelong.
    Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Fateh.

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Many Thanks Pradeep ji for appreciating our Gurbani Keertan. I would keep in mind to add this Shabad in our future projects. This is indeed a beautiful Hukam.
      Do keep visiting this site to enjoy Gurbani Keertan.

  30. Navpreet Singh says:

    devinity splashes out from the gurbani sung by the gurmat gian group… the True Guru is with you… he has bestowed u with his blessings…

    thanx a lot for singing and presenting shabads so beautifully…

    suppose if i have to learn gurbani keertan… whom should i contact… are their any schools for learning kirtan?… plese help me out…

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Thanks for the appreciation.
      To learn Gurbani Kirtan one has to learn music. Ideally one must learn the basics of Indian Classical Music. You’ll have to find someone nearer to your place. I do teach Raag based Gurbani Keertan at Gurmat Gian Missionary College at Ludhiana.
      Do keep visiting as we keep added new shabads frequently.

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  32. Manjeet Kaur says:

    waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ki fateh,

    I have heard shabad sung by you . I am overwhelmed to listen to them.
    You have got a very good voice.
    This website is indeed very good.
    Manjeet Kaur

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Thanks Manjeet Kaur for appreciating our singing. Keep visiting here as we keep adding new shabads frequently.

  33. Gregoryatogy says:

    very nice Thanks for sharing sites, I am marketing blogger and know how to do on quality blog

  34. Rohit Khanna says:

    Soul stirring Shabads – how can I buy your CDs. I live in Delhi, India

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