Raag Bhimpalasi

Raag Bimpalasi

Raga Bhimpalasi, one of the most common and popular raags, belongs to Kafi Thaat. Raag name suggests Bheem (vast, big) + Palas (a tree). The Raag has vast expanse. This Raga is equally effective in Poorvang and Uttarang, but is predominantly rendered in Poorvang.
In this rag gander and nishad are komal and rest all are shudh.  In aroh rishab and dhaivat are absent.
 Jatti: Aurav Sampooran; Thaat: Kafi; Singing time: Third pahar of the day.
 Raag Bimpalasi
Aroh: .ਨੁ ਸ਼, ਮ ਮ ਗੁ ਮ ਪ ਨੁ ਸਂ .n ‘S, m m g m P n S’
Avroh: ਸਂ ਨੁ ਧ ਪ ਮ, ਮ ਗੁ ਰ ਸ਼ S’ n Dh P m, m g R ‘S
Vadi: Madhayam
Samvadi: Sharaj
Pakar:    n S m m, P m g m R S
Shabad in Raag Shudh Basant:

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