Sun Meeta Dhoree Kau Bal Jaee .. Raag Sorath


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page: 612

Commentary on this Shabad

Shabad Video: 

Sung in Raag Sorath; Taal: Keharwa, Teen Taal.

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Shabads Audio: Sun Meeta Dhoree Kau Bal Jaee .. Raag Sorath 

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Shabad Interpretation in English:

We are children of one father God, and you are my friend, Guru.

Listen my O friend, my soul has surrendered to you. Reveal me the Almighty Lord.

Listen my friend, I surrender myself at the dust of your feet. My mind too is yours, my brother.

I wash your feet, I massage and clean them; I give my mind to you.

Listen friend, I have come to your sanctuary; teach me, that I might unite with God.

Do not be proud; seek His sanctuary, and accept as good all that He does.

Listen friends, dedicate your whole being to Him; thus you shall be blessed with the vision of His darshan.

By Guru’s grace, Lord’s sweet merciful blessings have been showered on me.

Nanak says, with Guru’s blessings he is able to visualise the formless Lord everywhere.

Shabad Veyakheya in Punjabi:

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5 Responses to Sun Meeta Dhoree Kau Bal Jaee .. Raag Sorath

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  2. Rajwant Singh Kalsi says:

    Your group in my opinion is an eminent exponent of Gurbani devotional shabads singer. I Consider myself lucky to receive these videos for which I thank you by heart. Waheguru bless you all.

  3. Thanks Rajwant ji for your appreciation and encouragement. We are lucky to have you as part of our cyber sangat. Your encouragement would help us to do better.

  4. jaideep says:

    maam how is a taal decided for a shabad

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      The lyrics of a Shabad are most important factor that help to create a composition for the shabad and select a Taal. While doing a composition the emotions created by the lyrics should always be kept in mind. Creating a composition and selecting a taal goes simultaneously – should it be a lighter taal or should it be a taal with dhrupad feel – all depend on the emotions created by the lyrics. If one keeps in mind the meanings & emotions of the Shabad while composing a tune, the results are wonderful.

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