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Posted by Phulkari on 04 2nd, 2009

Q1. How did you come to join the Gurmat Gian Group? How long have you been with the group? How often does the group meet?

A. The Gurmat Gian Group was formed by my mother Gurpreet Kaur. My mother Gurpreet Kaur and myself used to do kirtan in the weekend gatherings of Gurmat Gian Missionary Trust. These programmes are held every Saturday and Sunday. Impressed with our singing, we were asked by the organizers and especially by Rana Inderjit Singh to train young boys and girls to do kirtan. Now Gurpreet Kaur takes regular classes at the Gurmat Gian Missionary College where many girls and boys of different age groups are learning kirtan.

The encouragement to go in to recording Gurbani Kirtan lead to the formation of Gurmat Gian Group which now has 5 CDs to its credit.

The 5 Cds available are:

* 1. Saajanara Mera Saajanara
* 2. Mera Baid Guru Govinda
* 3. Tere Kavan Kavan Gun Keh Keh Gava
* 4. Mo Kao Taar Le Raama Taar Le
* 5. Mohan Ghar Aavoh Karo Jodariya

4 more CDs are already recorded and are to be released in due course. These are all Audio Cds only, however Mera Baid and Tere Kavan Kavan are also available as VCDs.

Our group has also sung shabads for the recently released animation movie “Sundri”.

Q 2. Is there any purpose behind the group being only women? Was it intended to be a women’s only group or did it just happen?

A. When the group started, there was no specific aim to form an all women’s group. This just happened and we plan to keep it this way now.

Q 3. Does a woman play the tabla?

A. There is no woman tabla player in the group. Right now, there are 3 members of this group, Gurpreet Kaur, Japjit Kaur and myself. There are no other members of the group as yet and we select the instrument players including the tabla players according to the requirements of the compositions.

Q 4. How has being in this group added to your spiritual development as a Sikh?

A. We started as a group, with an aim to record and spread gurbani kirtan beyond our small weekend gathering of families. A typical recording preparation takes at least 2 months of 6-8 practice hours a day. We feel lucky to be able to spend this time singing Guru’s bani. Every shabad is practised 60-80 times before it is recorded. Every time we sing a shabad, we feel that we learn something new which we did not understand in the previous practise. This definitely has helped in our spiritual development.


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19 Responses to Interviews

  1. Arvinder Singh Khalsa says:

    Very moved by hard work and dedications og your team. Great graphics and most importantly there are no so called gurus pictures, But beautifully captures the moods of nature. It only took me to watch one shabed, the sound, vocal and vision/clips are tpo job. This is the future!! Weldone ladies. wjkf ask

  2. Gurpreet Kaur says:

    Thanks a lot Arvinder Singh Ji.
    Keep visiting Gurmat Gian Group Blog

  3. Really I am amazed at the dedication of you Kaurs of the Khalsa Panth.
    Jey Ko Apney Thakur Bhavey
    Kot Madh Eh Kirtan Gavey. (SGGS 885, Ramkali Mahla 5)
    You are one in millions
    And God-Waheguru is pleased with you and that is why He has Blessed you with Kirtan – Gurmat Sangeet.
    I hope that you will freely distribute this knowledge od Gurmat Sangeet to other Kaurs. Kaurs can do everthing, they can play Table with masterly perfection (we have few such girls in Sydney), They can play Rabbab, Taus, Dilruba (we have several girls in Sydney playing Tanti Saaz).
    May Waheguru ji Bless you. One day you will definitely perform Kirtan Seva at Darbar Sahib, Guru Ram Dass Nagri, Amritsat,
    Kulbir Singh, Sydney, Australia

  4. Bhupinder Singh says:

    It is the best ever psentation of Gurbani Shabads that I have ever heard so far. Bibis’ of Gurmat Gian Group who are doing an excellent work for the spread Guru’s word far and wide. Whole heartedly, I congratulate Bibi Gurpreet Kaur and her team for their dedication to spiritual music and hard work to achieve perfection. You all are indeed are all blessed.

    Bhupinder Singh

  5. i’m very impressed by your singing because i/m start a company “SIKH MEDIA ARTS & PRODUCTION” & i want to meet with your group so please tell me how i can meet with your group thanks

    kulbeer singh

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  7. guru kripa karan ji

  8. surjit singh saund says:

    gurbani presentation with classical base, is done superbly. pronounciation of each word is crystal clear and perfect.god bless u with great prosperity in the field of gurbani singing. it sheerly touches the heart.

    i would like to have shabads sung in raag ahir bhairav and shivranjani.


    It is amazing that we sikh panth have such great singers . I really appreciate your dedication & the hardwork you people are putting. Really like your shabad sang ( Mu lallan seo preet bani) .Hearing your other shabads also. classical base have amazed me i would like to hear some Basant raag shabads from your group.

    May god bless you people with more good music.

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Thanks Surinder Pal ji. Soon a new Album of 6 Cds would be released which is a compilation of All the Sudh Raags of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. In this Album A Shabad in Raag Basant has been included. The Album may be ready by the Nov. 2010

  10. chanting hub says:

    Very inspiring to hear of how your discipline and dedication are paying off and your music spreading into the world. All the best to you.

  11. deepak says:

    very melodious voice , thanks

  12. Maninder Singh Bedi says:

    Thanks Gurpreet Kaur and your team for such a soulful gurbani. May waheguru bless with u all with his choicest of blessings. The interview says everything about you and your efforts. For me You are the WAZIRS OF WAHEGURU on earth, that is why he is taking this seva from u.

  13. rajvinder says:

    it is a great to sing shabad i also iearn to sing shabad at the age 50 . but learn from local guruduwara baba ji i was deepli want this .so God bliss me .so i learn thanks

  14. rajvinder says:

    god bliss you for your mission .you are doing a great job for gurmat gian thanks

  15. nice ji
    to know Gurmat Concepts also visit..

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