Raag Gauri Poorbi Deepki

Raag Gauri Poorbi Deepki
Raag Gauri Poorbi Deepki is part of collection of Raag Gauri Shabads in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This raag is developed by combining three raags: Gauri, Poorbi and Deepki. It is a poorvang pradhan raag. It is an uncommon raag.

In this raag Rishab is komal, both the dhaivats, both madhyam and rest all are shudh. In aroh, dhaivat is komal and in avroh, dhaivat is shudh. Tivra madhayam is used in both aroh & avroh equally.  Sudh madhayam is used only as in poorvi ang, for example: Ma(t)GaMaGaMa(t)GaSa.

Pancham is used as vakragati, for example: MaPaMaDha(k)NiSa Or Ma(t)PaDha(k)Pa, MaDha(k)NiSa.

Sharaj is many a times used as varka as in: SaNi(m)Re(k)Sa.

Jatti:  Vakar Sampooran;   Singing  Time: Evening Time.

 Raag Gauri Poorbi Deepki
Aroh: ਸ਼, ਰੁ ਰੁ,  ਮਁ ਧੁ ਪ, ਮਁ ਧੁ ਨ ਸਂ  Sa, Re(k)GaRe(k), Ga Ma(t)Pa Dha(k)Pa, Ma(t)Dha(k)NiSa.
Avroh: ਸਂਨਧ, ਸਂਨਧਪਮਗਮਁਗ, ਮਁਗ, ਸ਼, ਰੁਗਰੁ, ਸ਼ਰੁਗਰੁਨਸ਼  SaNiDha, SaNiDhaPaMaGa, Ma(t)Ga, Ma(t)Ga, Sa, Re(k)GaRe(k), SaRe(k)GaRe(k)Ni(m)Sa.
Vadi: Pa
Samvadi: Sa
Shabad sung in Raag Gauri Poorbi Deepki:

Shabads in other forms of Raag Gauri :

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