Tu Thaakuro Bairaagaro Mai Jahee Ghan Chaeree Raam … Raag Suhi

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page: 779

Commentary on this Shabad

Shabad Video: 

Sung in Raag Suhi; Taals Rupak(7), Deepchandi(14).

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Shabads Audio: Tu Thaakuro Bairaagaro Mai Jahee Ghan Chaeree Raam … Raag Suhi 

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Shabad Interpretation in English: 

O my Lord Waheguru, Master of all beings, You are unaffected by maya of this world. There are so many hand-maidens like me at your service. You are the ocean, the source of jewels; I do not know Your value, Lord. I do not know Your value; You are the wisest of all; please show Mercy unto me, O Lord. Show Your Mercy, and bless me with such understanding, that I may meditate on You, twenty-four hours a day. O soul, don’t be so arrogant – become the dust of all, and you shall be saved. Nanak’s Lord is the Master of all; He has so many hand-maidens like me.

Shabad Veyakheya in Punjabi: 

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11 Responses to Tu Thaakuro Bairaagaro Mai Jahee Ghan Chaeree Raam … Raag Suhi

  1. Sat Sri Akal,
    Thanks for this shabad that is oozing divinity. Listning has touched the soul.
    I request you to consider keertan of Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Bani.

    Major Tarvinder Singh

  2. Rajindar Kaur says:

    Gur Fateh
    Gurpreet ji I am lost for words – thank you for giving us such a beautiful composition . everytime you release Shabads in ragas my head bows in your persunsha. May Wahaguru bless you all and keep mehar on you. I am really enjoying listening to all your shabads, a big thank you

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  4. Ajeet Singh Mac says:

    Your voice is simply great & wonderful , since each word of GURBANI is well understood , powered by divine music . Thanks a million times for posting me this wonderful shabad.
    Your future is bright . Join us on the upcoming annual samagum at INDORE , due on
    28-29-30 JAN 2012 as our guest . You will be in for great surprises , it is guaranteed.
    Waheguru rakha jee Waheguru ang sang jee…………………….LOVE

  5. Rajwant Singh Kalsi says:

    Wonderful and magnificent. Better than this is beyond human imagination and reach. Waheguru Ji continue blessing you peace and harmony.Long live the Gurmat Gian Group.

  6. kamal says:

    Dear Gurpreet, another beautfiul soul awakening rendition.
    thank you for this seva.


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