Raag Sarwan Todi

Raag Sarwan Todi

In this raag, Rishab, Gandhar, Dhaivat Nishad are komal rest are shudh. In the aroh, Gandhar and Nishad and in avroh, Madhayam are absent. Jatti is Aurav Shadav

Thaaat Todi, Gayan Time: Early morning.

This rag was created with the mixture of Bilaskhani, Gunkali and Bahaduri Todi.

Aroh: ਸ਼ ਰੁ ਮ ਪ ਧੁ ਸਂ  ‘S r m P d S’
Avroh: ਸਂ ਨੁ ਧੁ, ਨੁ ਪ, ਨੁ ਧੁ, ਪ ਮ, ਪ ਗੁ ਰੁ ਸ਼ S’ n d, n P, n d, P m, P g r ‘S
Vadi: Pancham
Samvadi: Sharaj
Pakar:                 : ‘d r ‘S r m r ‘S ‘S m m P, d P, d n d m P, g r ‘S
Shabads in Raag Sarwan Todi:

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