WOMEN LIBERATION ~ through the prism of Sikh Faith

A new book ~ WOMEN LIBERATION ~ through the prism of Sikh Faith.

The first book focused on the subject, it will be of special interest to students and scholars of Women’s Studies as also the students of Religious Studies. Written in simple English, general readers interested in the subject will also find it interesting and informative.

WOMEN LIBERATION- through the prism of Sikh Faith

About the Author

 From the author’s desk …..
The book ‘Women Liberation: through the prism of Sikh Faith’ is devoted to the study of the issues raised during the Women Liberation Movement in United States of America during the second half of twentieth century and their impact on US women in particular and the society in general. The book also attempts to make an in depth study of the Sikh history and Sikh thought to find an answer to the problemsPrabhjot Kaur faced by the new generation of women belonging to the post women movement era. The first of the three sections of the book comprises of four chapters discussing the place of women in Sikh religion, Sikh theology, Sikh culture and the role played by women in the making of Sikh history devoting one chapter each to these topics. The three chapters of second section trace woman’s journey on the road to civilization, the history of women movement and the contractions and controversies within the movement. In the third section, a comparative study of the Sikh movement and the Women movement has been made. The last chapter aims at finding solutions to the woman problem in the light of Sikh thought.
Some reviews
I have faith that this work will not only herald a new era in the field of Women’s Studies, but will also provide a guide map to women activists in reshaping and redesigning their fight for equality, governed by a new insight and greater enthusiasm. I congratulate Mrs Prabhjot Kaur on the completion of this significant work and wish her good luck in her future endeavors.

Dr. Jaspal Singh
Vice Chancellor
Punjabi University
 “An intellectually rich, well researched and lucidly written book that unravels the feminist ideology contained in Sikh philosophy. The author deserves accolades for such an invaluable addition in Sikh Literature.”
Dr. Rajesh Gill
Professor and Chairperson
Departments of Sociology and
Women’s Studies, Punjab University, Chandigarh
Principal Prabhjot Kaur has dealt with all the gender related problems in a very meticulous way and also has provided solutions in the light of Sikh thought. She has very deftly traced the role of women in the evolution of civilization and how she was denigrated to an inferior position in India as well as other countries of the world. She has also proved beyond doubt that most of problems being faced today have been handled in Guru Granth Sahib.
Dr. Acchru Singh, Former Head, Department of English Govt. College, Mansa
The book deftly handles the contribution of Sikh Gurus in ameliorating the status of women in society. Robust, energetic, dynamic and awakened, Sikh women fully inspired by the wave of spiritualism, become the pioneers of the truly liberated female group of the age, on whom the humanity can depend for establishing a new order in society.
Dr. Manjit Kaur
Associate Professor
PGGCG 42 Chd.
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