Raag Maajh

Raag Maajh

Raag Maajh is the second raag in the raag wise collection of Shabads in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It appears on pages 94 to 151 and covers a total of 57 pages. It is supposed to be an afternoon raag. An important aspect of this raag is that it is used exclusively in Gurmat Sangeet and is not prevalent in modern day Hindustani Classical Sangeet. It is said that this raag was developed out of the folk tunes of the Maajha region of Punjab. In this raag Gandhar & Dhawat are absent in Aroh. In Avroh Nishad & Gandhar are komal and others are regular. That is why the jatti is Auravh Sampooran. It is of Khamaj Thaat.

Pakar: Pa Dha Ma Ga(Komal) Ma, Re Pa, Ma Ga Re, Ga Sa, Re Ni(Mandra Saptak) Sa.

Aroh: ਸ ਰ ਮ ਪ ਨ ਸ Sa Re Ma Pa Ni Sa
Avroh: ਸ ਨੁ ਧ ਪ ਧ ਮ ਗ ਮ ਰ ਪ, ਗੁ ਰ ਗੁ ਸ ਰ ਨ ਸ Sa Ni Dha Pa Dha Ma Ga Ma Re Pa, Ga Re Ga Sa Re Ni Sa
Vadi: ਰਿਸ਼ਬ Rishab
Samvadi: ਪੰਚਮ Pancham

Few illustrations of Raag Maajh:

Vocal 1: 
Dilruba 1: 
Dilruba 2: 
Dilruba 3: 
Dilruba 4: 

Shabads sung in Raag Maajh

Outh Poth Sevak Sang Raata.. Raag Maajh …ਓਤਿ ਪੋਤਿ ਸੇਵਕ ਸੰਗਿ ਰਾਤਾ..ਰਾਗ ਮਾਝ

Sun Sun Jeeva Soay Tumharee .. Raag Maajh ..ਸੁਣਿ ਸੁਣਿ ਜੀਵਾ ਸੋਇ ਤੁਮਾਰੀ ਤੂੰ ਪ੍ਰੀਤਮੁ ਠਾਕੁਰੁ ਅਤਿ ਭਾਰੀ .. ਰਾਗੁ ਮਾਝ


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