Raag Asawari Sudhang

Raag Asawari Sudhang

Raag Asawari Sudhang is one of the mishrit raags in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

In this raga Rishabh, Gandhar, Dhaiwat and Nishad are komal, rest of the swars are shudha. In Aroh Gandhar and Nishad are forbidden.  

Jatti: Aurav Sampooran; Singing time: Second quater of the day.
Raag Asawari Sudhang
Aroh: ਸ਼ ਰੁ ਮ, ਪ ਧੁ ਸਂ ‘Sa re m, P dh Sa’
Avroh: ਸਂ ਨੁ ਧੁ, ਪ ਮ, ਪ ਧੁ ਮ ਪ ਗੁ ਰੁ ਸ਼

Sa’ n dh, P m, P dh m Pa ga re ‘Sa
Vadi: Dhaiwat
Samvadi: Gander
Pakar:                 : re Ma Pa dh m Pa, ga re Sa
Shabad in Raag Asawari Sudhang:


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