Mu Lalan Sio Preet Banee.. ਮੂ ਲਾਲਨ ਸਿਉ ਪ੍ਰੀਤਿ ਬਨੀ

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Shabad Audio:  Mu Lalan Sio Preet Banee 

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page 827

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I have fallen in love with my beloved lord.
Lord has tied this love in such a way, that its unbreakable and impossible to let go.
Day and night , He dwells within my mind,
please bless me with your mercy, O my God.
I am a sacrifice, to my beauteous Lord of whom
I have heard unspoken speech and limitless stories.
Servant Nanak is slave of His slaves.
O my Lord and Master, please bless me with your mercy.

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Shabad Interpretation in Hindi:

मुझे अपने सुंदर प्रभु से प्रेम हो गया है। प्रभु ने इस प्रीत को ऐसी डोरी से बांधा है, यह प्यार न तो तोडने से टूटता है और न ही छोड़ने से छूटता है। हे प्रभु तूं दिन रात मेरे मन मे निवास करता है तूं अपनी किरपा मेरे ऊपर बनाई रख। मैं उस सुंदर प्रभु पर बलिहार जाती हूँ  जिस की अव्यक्त कथा मैं ने सूनी हुई है। नानक अपने को प्रभु के सेवक का भी गुलाम समझते हैं और मालिक प्रभु से निवदन है कि इस सेवक पर भी किरपा दृष्टी हो।

About Gurpreet Kaur

My Blog: Sikh Women Musicians Singing Gurbani …… Music is my hobby. I enjoy music through Gurbani Kirtan.
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10 Responses to Mu Lalan Sio Preet Banee.. ਮੂ ਲਾਲਨ ਸਿਉ ਪ੍ਰੀਤਿ ਬਨੀ

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  2. Amarjit Singh Gona says:

    God bless all those who are associated with your organisation in spreading the message of Guru Granth Sahib. Congratulations.

  3. GURBUX SINGH says:

    That is great !! I am simply spell bound.I am honestly moved while listing this “Gayan shaili” .For the last many days i am only listening the shabads sung by your Group. I don’t know how to down load these shabads from the mail but I record them on my I-pod through an attatchment as receiver and only pray for the Chardikala of this group. Actually I am an old guy and i am not wellversed with the operation of the computer except the reading and writing of mails plus ma little more.


    Gurbux singh


    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Gurbux Singh Ji,
      Its very essay to download the audio file of the Shabads to your computer.
      Below the Video Player there is an Audio Player. On the right side of this audio player there are 3 icons. Click the 3rd icon from above and it takes you to a Download Link. By clicking this link the audio file of the Shabad starts downloading to the computer.
      Good Luck

  4. Harbans Lal says:

    Loved to listen to it.
    Please do not use term ‘lord’ as in the Western world it means Jesus Christ. Just a suggestion.

    • H Singh says:

      Hari means Vishnu. Govind means Karishna. Allah is Arabic name for beloved Father. If somebody identifies Him with the name Lord or Jesus, so be it.

  5. singh khaalsaa says:

    haven’t really listened yet but felt overwhelmed seeing the graphics good work, thanks for upload

  6. Couldn’t see the pictures. But the Sabad…What can I say? Perfect.

  7. nirnam says:

    Thank you very much for sending link ‘Mu Lalan Sio Preet ‘

    It is great !

    Vaheguru kirpa ka-re and wish your group to be always in Chardi Kla status.

    I have expand your site to many people and all LOVE it.

    May I have these questions:

    1. Keerat Kaur who “is a Computer Engineer and she is presently based in Atlanta, U.S.” how she perform it the group now?

    2. Is Jasleen Kaur the same person who perform in Bhalo Bhalo Kirtania programme recently? There is no information about her in your site.

    3. Is it possible that we invite your group to perform in our country here, Thailand?


    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Thanks for liking the Shabads sung by GurmatGianGroup and for distributing the Bliss of Guru’s Bani to others. Keerat Kaur a computer engineer is now in Atlanta US. When she came to India last we recorded few CDs which are gradually being released. We plan to do more recordings during her next visit to India. Yes, its the same Jasleen Kaur of Bhallo Bhallo Kirtania. She is not part of GurmatGianGroup for quite sometime. Yes this group can plan a trip to Thailand taking care of prior engagements.

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