Welcome to Gurbani Kirtan by Gurmat Gian Group


Gurmat Gian Group welcomes you to this blog of Gurbani Kirtan. We present you many wonderful Shabads. May you enjoy Guru’s Bani and spread the Love for Akalpurkh to all.

Here you may see Shabad videos or hear Shabad audios or may download them if you desire.

Do tell us if you like them.


O my Fascinating Lord, I pray to You: come into my house.

I act in pride, and speak in pride. I am mistaken and wrong, but I am still Your hand-maiden, O my Beloved.

I hear that You are near, but I cannot see You. I wander in suffering, deluded by doubt.

The Guru has become merciful to me; He has removed the veils.

Meeting with my Beloved, my mind blossoms forth in abundance.

If I were to forget my Lord and Master, even for an instant, it would be like millions of days, tens of thousands of years.

When I joined the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, I met my Lord.


Must See this video

Hay Gobind Hay Gopal Hay Dayal Lal

4 Responses to Welcome to Gurbani Kirtan by Gurmat Gian Group

  1. Manbir Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,
    You are all Welcome to this Blog of Gurmat Gian Group. It is a Kirtan Jatha of Sikh Women Musicians singing Gurbani. We invite you to Enjoy the Beauty of Guru’s Bani here in this Blog and hope to receive helpful suggestions. We feel you wont regret time spent here hearing some Blissful Gurbani.

    Have a nice time. Do not forget to give your comments.

    Gurpreet Kaur

  2. great work dear sisters

  3. sarjitsinghkhalsa says:

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh guru gobind singh told us a very high knowlege that dont forget deg teg fateh if your food is no good you cant lift a weopon and you cant win a war in punjab they areplanting food with poison and we still cant see with our eyes because we are baptised by the wrong five prayers when we get baptise guru jika khalsa put amrit in our eyes so that we could see further than any other people and see n all the wrong things when thiefs used to rob whater ever things were sendto guru ji when guru ji found what was going wrong he burn then in oil to tell others not to do these for ever but present there bigger thiefs who robing our golaks just keep aeye on them khalsa raj coming soonwe will catch them and make them do all the dirty work

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