Jaa Tu Maerai Val Hai…ਜਾ ਤੂ ਮੇਰੈ ਵਲਿ ਹੈ ਤਾ ਕਿਆ ਮੁਹਛੰਦਾ

Jaa Tu MaeraiJaa Tu Maerai hind

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page 1096

Commentary on this Shabad

Shabad Video:

Shabad sung in Raag  Jhinjhoti

Shabad Audio: Jaa Tu Maerai Val Hai 

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Shabad Interpretation in English:

When You are on my side, Almighty, what do I need to worry about?

You entrusted everything to me, when I became Your devotee.

My wealth has become inexhaustible, no matter how much I spend and consume.

All your creation is looking after me and serving me.

All my enemies have become my friends and no one wishes me ill.

No one calls me to account, since the Almighty is my forgiver.

I have become blissful, and I have found peace, meeting with the Guru, the Lord of the Universe.

All my affairs have been resolved, since You are pleased with me.

Shabad Veyakheya in Punjabi:

 Shabad Interpretation in Hindi:

प्रभु, जब तूं मेरे साथ है तो मुझे किस बात की चिंता ? तूं नें मुझे सब कुछ सौंप दीआ है और मैं तेरा गुलाम बन गया हूँ. धन की मुझे कभी कमी महसूस नहीं हुई चाहे मैं जितना भी खर्च करूं. सारा जगत, सारी सृष्टि मेरी देख भाल और मेरी सेवा में लगी हुई है. मेरे सभी विरोधी मेरे मित्र बन गये हैं और कोइ भी मेरा बुरा नहीं चाहता. जब परमात्मा ने ही मुझे बख्श दीआ है कोइ ओर मुझ से हिसाब नहीं पूछता है. गुरु मिलन से ओर प्रभु दर्शन द्वारा मुझे आनंद ओर सुख की प्राप्ती हो गयी है. मेरे सभी काज संवर गए हैं क्यो की तूं मुझ से प्रसन्न है.

About Gurpreet Kaur

My Blog: Sikh Women Musicians Singing Gurbani …… https://gurmatgiangroup.wordpress.com/ Music is my hobby. I enjoy music through Gurbani Kirtan.
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27 Responses to Jaa Tu Maerai Val Hai…ਜਾ ਤੂ ਮੇਰੈ ਵਲਿ ਹੈ ਤਾ ਕਿਆ ਮੁਹਛੰਦਾ

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  2. swarnjit mehta says:

    There are several breaks in the sound track which adversely affect the otherwise very well rendered Shabad. Thanks.

    • Gurpreet Kaur says:

      Swarnjit Ji
      I just checked both the video and audio players. They are working fine. It could be that your internet connection may be slow. You may try to buffer the video or hear the audio player. Thanks for being here.

    • Manbir Singh says:

      Swarnjit Ji
      I just added another video of ‘Jaa Tu Maerai Val Hai’ on the same page. Kindly try to view this second video and tell me how is the experience at your end. This would help me. Thanks

  3. Prabh Preet Singh says:

    Waheguru ji, it is really slow even at reasonable internet speed. It will be good if we can compromise a bit with the quality to get better speed.

    • Manbir Singh says:

      I agree there would be interruptions during the viewing of the video especially in India where the internet broadband is slow as compared to western countries. In such situations its better to hear thru Audio Player.
      Another way out is to start the video and then press the stop. This would let buffering of the video and after half of the video is buffered one can start the video again.
      Well, your suggestion of compromising in video quality is a way out. I have tried that and found that the video quality needs to be brought down to 1/3 th of this. Still its good suggestion and I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks and keep giving the feedback so that we can adjust to a desired level of video quality.

    • Manbir Singh says:

      There is another thing I would like to add is that there is an option in the youtube video players to view the video at various video quality levels. Those with slow internet speeds should preferably view at lowest level like at 360p or even lower.

    • Manbir Singh says:

      Prabh Preet Ji
      I just added another video of ‘Jaa Tu Maerai Val Hai’ on the same page. Kindly try to view this second video and tell me how is the experience at your end. This would help me. Thanks

  4. ajeet singh says:

    It is a wonderful peace of KIRTAN . Congrats for such high level BLISSFULL
    LOVE OF GURBANI . KHALSA panth should feel proud of such blessed souls .
    The most difficult challenge for THE KHALSA is to become HIS BANDA , against
    the existing environments created by KALYUG or THE RULING SYSTEM OF THE GLOBE . It is purely the POWERS OF NADAR OF SAT GURU NANAK JI MAHARAJ that HIS BELOVEDS enjoy singing HIS GLORY & live the
    LIFE OF flower of KAMAL .
    HOW great are super powers , blessed to HIS beloveds , BY GURU GOBIND SINGH JI MAHARAJ , since these canot be expressed in words . OUR GURU
    has promised to HIS SON , THE KHALSA , that HIS NIWAS is in the heart of
    his beloved .
    I think , we as KHALSA PANTH , have yet to make an announcement to the
    Your contribution of KIRTAN will act as A BIG/GREAT POWER to inspire
    the leadership of our PANTH & devise the new system to honour such
    personalities enjoying the innovative powers of LOVING OUR GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ.



  6. Rajindar Kaur says:

    Gur Fateh
    Thank you for for giving us such a beautiful shabad sung by Gurpreet ji.
    Please keep giving us many more shabads from Guru ji’s Bani. I really like the way
    the Shabad is explained, it helps me to understand the meanings of Guru’s Shabads.
    My thanks to all of you who composed this Shabad.
    With kind Regards

  7. ਮਨ ਨੂੰ ਸੀਤਲਤਾ ਬਖਸ਼ਦਾ ਬਲੌਗ

  8. dr katar singh chhabra says:

    waheguru ji di kripa nal khalsa panth hamesh hamesh chad-dia kalan wich rahega.yeh meri ardas hai. rab ji ne tusi ji nu dharti te bheja hai ji. dr k s chhabra. +971-50-6444113

    • Dr. Manbir Singh says:

      Thanks Kartar Singh ji for your visit to this Blog. Do keep visiting to enjoy Gurbani and give your valuable suggestions.

  9. sam s sidana says:

    Its all to listen the best of the best from SGGS-Banis in very nicely sung by these
    gursikhnis and always gives peace of mind to listen.
    Please keep on & on waheguruji bless you all/charhdikala.

    What about my previousely requested shabad” POOTA MAATA KI ASIS”,please let me know when ready to release.

    many2 thanks to all of you & parivars.

  10. manav singh says:

    thanks for providing me such a beutiful shabd,,,,, waheguru

  11. Manjinder singh says:

    Bht sohna shabad hai.bht shanti mildi aw sun k….waheguru ji

  12. Jassi says:

    very good job ur doing, keep doing the good work god may bless u. waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Shri waheguru Ji ki fateh.

  13. Rakesh rikhi says:

    Waheguru ji aap nu bhaag lave.

  14. Jagdev Singh says:

    Satnam Shri Waheguru Ji

  15. Chanjit singh says:

    Great work thanks for sharing this marvelous creation

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